Monday, 17 May 2010

Things that go wrong at Launch Parties - My Mother

My mother didn't come to my first launch party - too busy doing something vitally important like organising the laundry.

She came to the second one, for Nice Girls Do. I know she did because I saw her for a moment, waved, but when I went to speak to her, she seemed to have vanished. No one knew where she'd gone to. Afterwards she explained that she'd got confused over the time, misread her watch and thought she was about miss the last bus home so had scuttled home. Coincidentally, just in time to catch Cranford on the telly.

For the third one I was insistent. She was to come to the launch party, and stay. We would collect her, and then drive her home. She agreed, though it has to be said, rather reluctantly.
"You must be terribly proud," one of my friends tried as an opening gambit. There was a long long pause.
"I suppose I am," came the answer.
She then proceeded to demonstrate her pride in her daughter's achievements during my speech. I could see her throughout, helping herself to books off the shelf and flicking through them. (She later explained herself by saying she heard me speak every day, whereas she wasn't in a bookshop every day.)

I'd given up by the time A Single to Rome came round, but to my surprise she pitched up AND BOUGHT A BOOK. Not one of mine, admittedly, but she was showing willing.

And so to another launch party. Will she come? Will she stay? Will she perhaps buy a book? Will it be one of mine? All will be revealed on the 20th.

Come to the launch party for Kissing Mr Wrong, 6.30pm on 20th May at Waterstones, Milsom Street, Bath. All welcome, but please ring 01225 448515 to let them have an idea of numbers.

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