Sunday, 23 May 2010

Editing in Action

My most recent novel came back from the editor with the request that I 'looked again' at the opening scene. It's a big party scene, with two plot-important conversations (A and B) interspersed with an inconsequential - but I hoped, funny - interchange (X). So the scene went, intro, X A X B. The editor wanted for the X scenes to be joined, or cut, or moved, or in some way changed as she felt the flow wasn't right.

I started a long email explaining why I'd chosen that configuration. There needed to be a run up to conversation A, and you couldn't have A and B right next to each other, so X A X B was the absolutely perfect order. As I wrote my justification, I thought as a concession I'd try XAB, but that obviously didn't work. I tried A B - no, it definitely needed the X in-between. AXB was on the surface the straightforward choice, but that would mean rewriting the intro, rewriting the X interchange, writing a completely new run up to the A conversation. As I wrote explaining why my first choice had been the right one, I could feel this new scene in action, how it would flow.

I looked at my long, long email full of self-justification and realised: I didn't want to change the order simply because it meant more work. After a short bout of internal wrestling I deleted the email and wrote another, shorter one. You're quite right, I wrote to my editor. I'll do it.

And I did. And it was better.

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Karen said...

That's so funny!

I've had to do a lot of revising of my first novel for my agent. When the proposed changes first came in I immediately resisted, mentally, thinking 'but I wrote it like that for a reason' blah, blah blah, before accepting that my main bone of contention was the amount of hard work I was going to have to put in to change it.

Of course I did it, and the story's (hopefully!) much improved as a result :o)

Sarah Duncan said...

Glad you agree with me on this one Karen. I find that once I've accepted the changes, it's never as much work as I think it's going to be. Good luck with your novel!