Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Most Important Problem a Writer Faces Is...

...What to wear to their launch party.

I trolled round the shops at the weekend trying on launch party clothes. Should I go dressy as if for a garden party? What about trendy? I could try to look cool, although edgy is beyond me - I know my limits. I could dress down - hey, launch parties, two a penny - or up - Omigod I've written a book, woo-hoo!

Then there's the cost. Writers don't earn much at the best of times, whatever you may hear about JK Rowling and multi-million pound advances, and times are hard in publishingland. Do I want to spend money on a new outfit which I may never wear again, when I should really put it towards buying a new cistern for the downstairs loo? Yes, yes, my heart screeches, the loo can wait. Besides, the launch party is going to coincide with my birthday, and surely I can have a new birthday suit, as it were. But my head is determined to be sensible.

I compromise. I will buy something new only if it's really special, then waste hours of writing time going to shops I never usually go to in the hope of finding something special. Nothing - although I learn that I can just squeeze into a size 14 at Top Shop whereas I'm a petite size 8 at Country Casuals.

So, at time of writing, I have nothing to wear. Well, that will be good for publicity if nothing else...

Come to the launch party for Kissing Mr Wrong, 6.30pm on 20th May at Waterstones, Milsom Street, Bath. All welcome, but please ring 01225 448515 to let them have an idea of numbers.

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