Friday, 14 May 2010

I Don't Believe It

Oh gosh, Kissing Mr Wrong was officially published yesterday, and I forgot to mention it. That's what happens, darlings, when you have as many books published as moi.

And it sort of does. It sounds very grand but with the first book you think the world is going to stop and go WOW! when your book comes out. And then you discover it doesn't. Even if you're very lucky, as I was, and get picked out for all sorts of nice treats and stuff, like being in the bestseller charts at the supermarkets and WH Smiths and doing book signings around the country, essentially no one notices. And if they do notice, they're not that impressed. You soon learn that 'woman writes book' doesn't exactly set the world on fire.

And then there's the muddle over publication day. Reviews turn up in the papers and magazines at all sorts of odd times. The copies are in the shops before official publication day. You've been able to buy Kissing Mr Wrong on Amazon for about a fortnight, for example, I've had my copies for about three weeks. What you think of as The Day becomes blurred. In my case, it's even more blurry because the launch party is still a week away (on the 20th, do come). So instead I went to the RNA Summer Party, and had a jolly nice time and forgot all about publication day. It's probably best that way.

Come to the launch party for Kissing Mr Wrong, 6.30pm on 20th May at Waterstones, Milsom Street, Bath. All welcome, but please ring 01225 448515 to let them have an idea of numbers.

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Julie Cohen said...

Congratulations! I shall be looking for it in the shops.

Great to see you at the party, and to get a chance to chat.

J x