Saturday, 3 July 2010

What To Blog About?

I was having a look through my past blogs and trying to work out the most popular posts (if there's a gadget that does this, do tell) based on the number of comments. I feel I do several types of post:

- straightforward writing exercise
- something about a specific aspect of craft
- more general craft posts
- posts about getting published
- writer's woes and joys
- thoughts on the state of publishing

I'd be really interested in some feedback on the type of posts that work best - for example, I used to put up a writing exercise on Saturdays but I haven't done many recently because I'm not sure people are interested in them. So, over to you. And if there aren't any comments I'll deduce that no one gives a damn in the first place and just carry on mudding along!

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Ann Patey said...

I like everything you write, some times I go even go back and read them again. I probably don't take much notice of the exercises but that's only 'cos I'd rather spend my time getting on with my writing. I still read them though! In fact the one about index cards inspired me to give my work the treatment and it got me out of a bad rut.

I love the analogies you come up with and I like the newsy stuff too. And it's always interesting to hear about published authors experiences first hand.

I check out lots of writing blogs and I think the variety of topics you cover is an important part of the reason why I check your posts out every day and look forward to them so much.

Hope that was helpful!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog every day and enjoy it for its variety. You always give me something to think about and reflect on whether it be the business or craft of writing.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the variety of your blogs but am particularly interested in the ones on craft and technique. I really like the fact they are not too long.

Lizzie said...

Whatever you post there's always something to think about, which is good. I always look forward to the blog of the day.

I'm not so interested in the exercises because I need to get on with my own work.

Your blog is my first port of call every morning, mostly because of its variety and the fact that you are not bossy, unlike so many other bloggers. So keep on blogging, Sarah.

Sarah Duncan said...

Thanks all, that's really helpful.

Especially like being told I'm not bossy, Lizzie. I shall tell my sister immediately.

Johanna said...

I especially like the first two on your list, and I love the writing exercises, but your posts are always interesting whatever the subject. Some posts don't really lend themselves to responses because they say it all, so perhaps the number of comments isn't a fair measure? Have you tracked numbers visiting the site?

wannabe a writer said...


I've been reading your blog for a while now and find all of it interesting and informative. I particularly like it when you write about specific aspects of the craft and also the writer's woes and joys which I think we can all identify with. One of the amazing things about your blog is that you do religiously blog every day so I know that whenever I open it up, there will be something interesting to read.

Keep up the good work.


Sarah Duncan said...

Jo, thanks for the feedback. I can track the number of visitors, but don't know how to work out which are the most popular posts. My techie skills are minimal.

Linda, thanks for that. I decided right from the beginning that I was going to blog everyday (if only I'd known...) and that each post was going to be under 500 words.

Overall, specific craft techniques are getting a big thumbs up, which is really useful info, I'll try to keep that in mind. But it sort of depends on what I'm thinking about at the time, and that's a fairly random process.

A Confused Take That Fan said...

I have just discovered your blog and love it. I am doing a writing course at the London School of Journalism, and I find each of your handy hints helpful. I especially like looking back through your posts for things that I am interested in, or thinking about. Most of all, it is inspires me, and makes me want to get on and get published!

Sarah Duncan said...

That's nice to hear. Good luck with the LSJ course, hope you're enjoying it.