Thursday, 22 July 2010

Waiting for Prince Charming to Come Along

At the Romantic Novelists Association Conference I went to a great talk given by my friend Kate Harrison. It was about planning your career, something I have never given much thought to in the past - and it shows. It made me do a lot of thinking along the 'where do I go from here?' lines, but one analogy in particular struck me: the writer as Cinderella waiting for her Prince Charming publisher to come along.

Yes, it's fabulous when the Prince slips the slipper on your foot, shouts "it fits!", declares undying love, and whisks you off to the fairy tale castle. Nestled in his strong arms, you stare up at his manly chin and beautiful eyes and sigh happily because he will look after you and protect you for ever and ever.

Right. And you'll be telling me next you believe in Father Christmas and the publishing pixies.

I think, like many writers, I have been guilty of handing over control over my life and work to some bloke simply on the basis of his nifty shoe-fitting abilities. I'm a romantic, but times are tough and I don't think Cinderella is a suitable role model for a writer any more. I'm not sure who is - Beauty from Beauty and the Beast? Boudicca?

Any suggestions?

At last! I've got my finger out and have committed to running some day courses:
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Getting a Novel Published - 1st August in Bath and 19th September in Truro
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Lizzie said...

Lara Croft?

Not exactly sure what she does, but I don't think she hangs around waiting for Prince Charming!

Talli Roland said...

Barbara Amiel? Find a rich man who gets sent to jail (therefore out of the way) and continue to live the high life?

Seriously, though, I don't know! If you find one, let me know!

Sarah Duncan said...

I like the idea of Lara Croft as a role model for writers - archaeologist/adventurer sounds pretty good to me- but not so sure about Barbara Amiel!