Thursday, 24 March 2011

I'm a Stylish Blogger

Pauline Barclay has nominated me for a Stylish Blogger award, and a few weeks ago Jen Black nominated me as One Fine Blogger. Thank you both very much, and in fulfilment of my nomination, here are 7 things you didn't know about me.

1. My secret desire is for some Wintergreen Life Savers. Someone gave me a packet about twenty years ago, and I've never had them since, but the wonderfulness of them lives on in my memory.
2. When I eat, I eat each foodstuff in turn rather than having a little of everything on each forkful.
3. I've decided to use up every single cosmetic sample I've ever had from Boots. It's taking years.
4. Everyone thinks I'm very organised and efficient but I know I'm not.
5. I talk back to the television.
6. I'm a sleep walker.
7. My favourite furnishing colour is green, but I never, ever wear it.

And now to pass on the awards...well, this is a tricky one as I don't really follow any particular blog, but just dip in and out of them. But in the spirit of things let me nominate...

Julie Cohen
Kate Harrison
Help! I Need a Publisher
The Elephant in the Writing Room
How Publishing Really Works

NEW!!! I've finally got round to organising some course dates....
How to WRITE a Novel: London 3rd May/Birmingham 7th May/
Oxford 8th May/Exeter 21st May/Bath 12th June
How to SELL a Novel: London 24th May/Exeter 4th June/


Kate Kyle said...

All well deserved awards, Sarah :)

BTW, you seem pretty well organised.

Pauline Barclay said...

Loved reading your seven things and congratulations on the other awards, A fine Blogger!

Karen said...

Congratulations on the award!

I've never heard of Wintergreen Life Savers and am off to look them up ...

Debs Carr said...

Congratulations on your well-deserved award.

I've never heard of Wintergreen Life Savers. I must look them up.

Debs Carr said...

Have just realized I pretty much said the same thing as Karen.

Jules (The Great, The Good and The Bad) said...

Well deserved!

Both my hubby and brother does that with their food as well.


(I only recently stumbled across your blog, but since then I have become a regular reader, I can understand why you would get awards!)

Sarah Duncan said...

Thanks fpr the kind comments.

Kate, either I'm not organised, or other people are VERY disorganised. I think it's the former.

Karen and Debs, they're called Wint-o-Green! I hadn't thought of doing a search until you suggested it, so thank you both. They're made by Wrigley's and only available in the US. I"ll have to see if one of my nice American students will get their parents to slip a packet into parcel from home.

Jules, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. I've done it all my life and someone commented on it recently, at which point everyone stared at my plate and I went all self-conscious.