Saturday, 28 August 2010

Which Comes First - Cream or Jam?

I'm being side-tracked at the moment by sun and beaches and cream teas.  Which leads into the riveting discussion about the order you put your strawberry jam and clotted cream on your scone.  Is it jam first, or cream?  

I've always been a cream first person - the cream = butter, and that comes first - but this afternoon I got seduced into trying the jam before the cream.  It looked aesthetically pleasing (and tasted delicious).  Perhaps there isn't a right, or a wrong way, only the way you've always done it.  

Bit like writing a novel.  To plan, or not to plan?  Does it matter how you write it, so long as you get it written?  The answer has to be, no one will care, so long as your work is good.  How you pronounce scone, on the other hand - now that does matter.  


badas2010 said...

One is wonn, therefore scone is scon. Yes?

Sarah Duncan said...

I eat scons, but some people eat things that rhyme with stones. Actually, what I like best with my clotted cream and jam are tiny little white rolls we used to have as children that we called splits, but I've never seen them as an adult. Probably a good thing too...