Tuesday, 2 February 2010

101 and still going on

Yesterday I posted my 100th blog entry. I decided when I started this that I'd post every day on the grounds that - well, not really anything except it seemed a good idea, a bit like writing a diary almost. Not that I've ever managed to keep a diary going for anything beyond three days, which might have sounded a small alarm bell.

Posting every day has caused many moments of panic when my mind is completely blank and the whole business of writing a blog seems designed by the evil imps of publishing to add another layer of guilt and stress onto a writer. The prospect of an empty page is an ongoing issue for a novelist, the empty blog only adds to it.

But here I am, still posting into the ether. It's been great getting comments back and knowing that there are people out there reading my blog. I believe blogs like mine are called vanilla blogs, being just plain old text and without anything fancy. One day I'll learn how to do links to other blogs and persuade them to link back. One day I'll learn how to stick up photos. One day...but until then I'll carry on posting every day and hope the content adds a bit of interest to boring old vanilla.


Johanna said...

I love your blog, Sarah - you keep it focussed on writing; businesslike but accessible, informative and encouraging. Don't think you need photos and links to do that.
(PS Those writing exercises you set over Christmas were great - perhaps if you're stuck for ideas you could set us some more of those?)

Sarah Duncan said...

Thanks Johanna, and for the feedback re the exercises. Because only one person commented all over Christmas, I assumed everyone had eaten too much Xmas pud to feel like doing exercises, even writing ones.

I'll post some more from time to time, perhaps at the weekend when I imagine people might have more writing time.

ATB Sarah

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary Sarah! I can imagine that coming up with something to post about every day must be quite tough. Yet you always manage to write something thought-provoking. I always look forward to finding out what your 'writing thought for the day' will be.

By the way I recently read 'Another Woman's husband' and really enjoyed it. looking forward to 'A single to Rome' now.

All the best,

Blossom said...

Hi Sarah,

I don't know how you find something different, original and helpful to say every day. But I'm glad you do! As soon as my Mac's booted up at work I read you, Strictly Writing and Nicola Morgan, in that order.

As for vanilla, it's one of my favourite fragrances. Personally, I don't need whizzy things on a blog ... it's your words I'm interested in.

Good luck with the next 101 blogs!

Sarah Duncan said...

Thanks for your comments. I'm not very interested in techie stuff and worry that the lack of interest affects what I'm doing. I fretted for ages about doing a blog because I thought I wouldn't be able to manage it. Pathetic, or what? It's good to know it doesn't matter, although I think I'd get more traffic if I did links and stuff. Hey ho.

Right - off to do the next blog...