Friday, 19 February 2010

10 Steps to Getting Published

1. Write
2. Finish what you start
3. Write from the heart – be passionate and committed.
4. Keep your eyes on the market – read read read
5. Rewrite, get feedback, rewrite, edit.
6. Write until you’re sure it’s the best you can do.
7. Do your research – read The Bookseller, go to conferences, join organisations.
8. Be professional – publishing is a big business not a dinky little hobby. You want them to give you money, show you deserve it with perfectly presented covering letter, synopsis and first three chapters.
9. Deal with rejection gracefully and be persistent
10. Be lucky and/or have a rich partner

Above all, WRITE!


Blossom said...

Sarah, is the rich partner necessary to buy a publishing house when all else fails?!

Sarah Duncan said...