Thursday, 24 December 2009

What I want for Christmas

1. A publishing contract for the next ten novels so I know how the gas bill is going to be paid over the next decade
2. An unending supply of black gel pens because they seem to vanish
3. More shelf space because I have a book habit
4. More reading time because of the above
5. Notebooks that fit my pockets so I don't lose all those brilliant ideas I get while walking the dog
6. Discipline because it's something that is lacking in my life
7. Wide ruled paper pads because I like working ideas out using handwritten notes on paper
8. Index cards because you can never be too rich or too thin or have enough index cards
9. A film deal, so when people ask me I can say Yes!
10. A magic printer that never runs out of paper or ink, especially when there's something really important to be printed
11. A secretary who can do all my admin including my VAT return
12. The first draft of my next novel all done and ready for re-writing
13. I love my laptop, but I secretly fancy one of those really really wafer thin macs
14. A resident genie who knows how to sort out computer problems at the rub of a lamp
15. A year of Pilates classes to stop my shoulder from seizing up
16. Better eyesight as I don't like wearing glasses for reading and writing
17. Fabulous reviews on Amazon because I compulsively read them
18. Another year of lovely students and may they have lots of success in 2010
19. Faster broadband access so I can watch iPlayer etc without it stopping and starting
20. And world peace of course, but if that's not possible a bag of licorice comfits would do.

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