Monday, 20 February 2012

What Border Collies have to do with Writing

I really miss my Border Collie, Tan.  Sometimes, when I'm leaving the sitting room, I think I hear his paws scrabbling on the wooden floors as he gets up to keep me company or hear the thump thump of his tail wagging in the mornings.  I miss him.  

I have mixed feelings about the daily long walk he needed though, which was an added commitment to an already full day.  However, it had to be done so I did it - and got fit in the process. 

Writing a novel is like having to walk the dog.  It should be done every day, for at least an hour, more if possible.  Some days, the dog has to make do with a quick scoot round the block, but you try to make it up with an extra long walk the following day.  

Novels don't have the same big brown eyed appeal that a dog has so it's easier to ignore them, but unless you do a bit every day - and the bit might only last 10 minutes - you lose touch with the work.  

Walk every day, and become fit.  Write every day, and get a novel written.  


Kez said...

I love this post! That's my approach to 2012 - in both exercise and writing. A bit each day will slowly add up to big changes.

Sarah Duncan said...

Thanks Kez! You're absolutely right - a bit every day soon mounts up.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we need the dog to pull us away from becoming too engrossed in an activity and be taken outside (or vice versa) for a breath of fresh air. In Bangkok, my adopted street mutt jumped on my bed at 6:30 every morning, giving me no choice but to start the day by taking her outside. Can't wait to return to the West Country to have the space and excuse for another pooch. Not a Border Collie though - they really need the time and attention required of their breed.
(An ex-Trowbridgeite).

Sarah Duncan said...

Yes, fresh air and exercise are good things for writers and dogs are great for that, whether Border Collies or street mutts!