Monday, 13 September 2010

The Great Publisher Send Off - Update Part 2

Yup. The publisher who doesn't accept unsoliciteds was the one who rang me up. Yippeee!!!!

But there's another twist in the tale. This editor was number fifteen in my list not only because I couldn't find a named editor to write to, but also because they have a very small picture book list - the editor told me they only took on two last year. In fact, I had decided that I wasn't going to bother to send my material off to them, and it was only because I'd got the number fifteen in my head and printed off fifteen of everything so there was a set going begging, that I bothered to send the material out to them.

What a good thing I did. However, it just goes to show that you should never try to second guess a publisher's response. Just because you think X, it doesn't mean that they also think X. You never know. That's why sending out multiple submissions is a good idea - though I admit fifteen at a time is excessive, and I only did it as it was part of an experiment - six would have been more sensible. But then I would never have sent out to the publisher I've got a response from...

So. Don't be cautious. Don't be anxious. Don't fret about what they might think. Just DO IT!

PS Just in case anyone is thinking, it's all right for her, I used a pseudonym and my covering letter had no biographical material.


Anonymous said...

Writing as one yet to be published - this is encouraging. Although I find the slog of shipping out my work rather off-putting, I know it has to be done. I shall take heart from your post and get on with it!

Sarah Duncan said...

I must admit I could have never done this sort of experiment 5 years ago, but I now know:

a) that the chances of being picked up off the slush pile are stacked against you even if you've written the next best thing and

b) agents and editors really don't have time to swap notes about what's been sent to them.

So go on - just do it!